Tracking Program Change Requests Using the Incident Tracking System

March 28th, 2014 | Posted by Don Boylan in Tools

I work for a large organization.  We have several different groups responsible for Development for new applications and fixes to the existing systems we already in place.

We have no way to formally request a fix or new application other than submitting a Magic Service Desk trouble ticket or work order.  The problem with that is we have way to track the status of in in conjunction with the other request/issues that have been submitted to see what priority our request or issue been assigned in the overall scheme of things.  No way to know when it will be completed, ensure the time line is adhered to to to know who specifically is working it.

Wasn’t sure if such requests should go through a PCR instead and if so what the process would be.  Looking for ways to streamline all our request/issues that come into our development teams.


I have been in a similar situation where there was no team tool available to track application defect or enhancement requests. The Dev group decided to use the Incident Management tool as a communication vehicle (since it did a wonderful job of emailing the group members) to track the request. The way it worked in practice was there was several groups setup such as: AppDev, AppTest, AppQA, AppRelease. As the enhancement/bug went through its lifecycle, the group would assign the Incident ticket to the appropriate group.

It actually worked fairly well to track the progress of individual requests. The issue was that their AppDev enhancement records were skewing the Incident data. The way around it was for the AppDev team to use a very specific Categorization for their requests. During reporting against the Incident data, their Categories were excluded.

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