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Don BoylanHello, my name is Don Boylan. I am certified ITIL v2 Master and ITIL v3 Expert.

I used to be an ITIL instructor. Teaching ITIL was one of the most enjoyable jobs I have ever had, but the travel was too much. I had to step away from the podium and get a 9:00 – 5:00 job within reasonable driving distance to my home.

I now work as a Change Analyst at a warehouse club company based in Issaquah, WA. During my time as a trainer, I would often be asked questions about how to implement the concepts conveyed in ITIL in the real world. I would always joke that in a perfect world (ITILtopia), you would do it like this … but of course no one lives in ITILtopia. The real world has challenges that require you to implement ITIL in unique fashions. One of the basic tenets of ITIL is that you adopt and adapt the ITIL best practices to meet your needs. No one has ever implemented ITIL exactly as it is proposed in the books. That being said, a lot of wonderful information is contained in the library, and since I own ITILtopia.com, I thought I would take the opportunity to blog about ITIL.

The hard part about blogging is getting started, and then I remembered that I had almost 200 posts on the ITIL Community website forums.


I don’t want to plagiarize that site’s material, but to get my blog kick started, I paraphrased the questions (or paste the questions in verbatim, bad Engrish and all) on some of the posts I had responded to at the ITIL Community website and then pasted in just my response. In doing so, I hope to drive some people to the Community site to find others members’ responses and re-energize the forum.

Please feel free to send me questions related to ITIL, IT Management, IT Tools and Technology, and of course feel free to ask me about my dogs.


By the way, when I am writing my posts, I try to use an informal style and follow the lead set by some of my favorite blog sites:




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