Service Desk as NOC

March 29th, 2014 | Posted by Don Boylan in Availability Management | Service Desk

Any thoughts on whether a Service Desk that focuses on business processes and application monitoring, (the business process status is based on predefined aggregation rules for subcomponents) should be segregated from an Operations Bridge monitoring at the component/exception level?  I am looking for possible economy of scale from a resource and tool usage perspective.


The issue of having the same personnel responsible for monitoring operations and being the first line of user contact is that there are times when the jobs will be in conflict.

It would all work well during “normal” operations, but during times of crisis, who will be dedicated to determining the scope of the outage vs. answering the panicked phone calls from users?

Will you penalize your operations monitoring team for trying to answer calls? Will you penalize your Service Desk personnel for trying to understand the scope of an outage while users hold in queue?

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