Ticketing System’s Categorization

March 29th, 2014 | Posted by Don Boylan in Tools

I have been asked to review and re-work an implementation of HP OVSD and need to redefine the Category, Sub Category, Product and Problem classes. Although I have a good idea of the type of options to include, I am looking to align the application as close to an ITIL/ITSM standard.

Is there a predefined standard for these items?
If not, is there anything that explains how each item should be defined?


ITIL has no standards on how to set up your tool’s category/sub-categories, but I have always been a proponent of aligning the top level categorization with your Service Catalog’s list of services. The second tier would be the infrastructure that supports the service. The third level would be the specific item associated with entry. In practice it would look something like this:

Exchange Server 01

EMC Volume 001

Inernet Access
Check Point

Security Services
Active Directory

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