ITIL Standards for Response / Resolution Times

March 29th, 2014 | Posted by Don Boylan in Continual Service Improvement | Incident Management | Service Level Management

I am reviewing the current response and resolution time metrics for an internal service desk that supports a 10,000 person company.  Currently the company uses 4 severity levels for incidents.  While I realize the response and resolution times are defined by an SLA, is there a good benchmark to start with? I would like to point to an industry standard if one exists.

The current metrics and targets look something like this…

Severity – Response Target – % Met – Resolution Target – % Met
1 – 15 minutes – 90% – 2 hours – 85%
2 – 2 hour – 90% – 4 hours – 85%
3 – 4 hours – 90% – 3 bus days – 85%
4 – 8 hours – 90% – 5 bus days – 85%


Those seem reasonable but understand that ITIL isn’t about industry standards on response/resolve times.

I would say a better way to approach it is to measure your current response/resolve delivery times for a baseline, and then put in a plan for continuous improvement.

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  • Angelo says:

    Hello Don,
    I am having the same issue: I need to find some industry benchmarks for Incident Management (resolution, response, who is committing for response only…). I wonder if you received an answer to this part of the question.

    Thank you.

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